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MPEG-4 Video Encoder
The 3ivx Filter Suite

The MPEG-4 Video Encoder filter is based on the 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0 Video Core. It supports multiple Encoder Modes to cater for different uses. Real-time Encoding, Video-On-Demand, Archiving, Streaming and Multimedia Authoring are just a few of uses that the encoder facilitates.

The Encoder is available as both a Video for Windows codec that is compatible with all VfW applications such as VirtualDub, FlaskMPEG and Adobe Premiere, and a DirectShow Video Encoder for applications that use the DirectShow Framework such as GraphEdit.

The Five Encoder Modes

Single Pass - Constant Quality
Encodes the video in a single pass with a fixed quality. Video size can not be controlled or adequately predicted when using Constant Quality mode, although quality can be. [More]

Usage Example: Video Archival, Intermediary Encodes

Single Pass - Average Bitrate
Encodes the video in a single pass aiming to maintain an average bitrate. Although the algorithm is quite clever it can not produce the stunning video results which a dual-pass algorithm can, because it has no idea what video conditions will present themselves in the future. [More]

Usage Example: When you want good quality video and you don't want to or can't wait on a Dual Pass Encode.

Single Pass - Constant Bitrate
The constant bitrate mode will react quickly on bitrate spikes, lowering the image quality of the video and dropping frames if necessary. This is ideal for Live Broadcasting and Video Conferencing where the maximum quality in a constant bitrate is the most important concern. [More]

Usage Example: Live Broadcasting, Video Conferencing  
What is Dual Pass?
Dual Pass encoding allows the encoder to produce the best possible video by performing two passes during encoding. On the first pass the encoder analyzes the video and collects detailed statistics. On the second pass the encoder uses the statistics from the first pass to make better coding decisions and to distribute the bitrate appropriately over the entirety of the video clip.

Dual Pass - Best Quality
Dual Pass Best Quality encoded video will normally have the best quality and most accurate bitrate. The encoder attempts to find the highest possible average quality and encodes the video to maintain that quality. [More]

Usage Example: Video-On-Demand, Multimedia Authoring

Dual Pass - Constant Bitrate
Dual Pass Constant Bitrate encoding allows the encoder to produce video as close as possible to a Constant Bitrate by performing two passes during encoding. [More]

Usage Example: Streaming

Advanced Features
- Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)
[More on the Advanced Options]

The Video Encoder creates Video bitstreams that are playable by DivX 5 or later as well as MPEG-4 compatible DVD Players. In combination with the 3ivx MPEG-4 Audio Encoder and 3ivx Media Muxer, you can generate MP4 files playable by QuickTime 6 or later, Philips Platform4 Player and other MPEG-4 Compliant Players.
Neuston Maestro DVX-1201

A COM Interface SDK for the 3ivx Filter Suite is available for our partners and professional clients. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available that allows developers to set the parameters for the various filters.

For more information regarding project development, SDKs and volume licensing, please contact us.

Getting Started
You can download an evaluation version of the 3ivx Filter Suite here. Technical support is available at the Support Section of the web-site. We encourage everybody to participate in the discussions at the 3ivx Forum.

For Business inquiries, please use the contact form.

We work together with MPEG-LA to offer our partners and clients a streamlined business model to use and work with MPEG-4 Video.
The Six Filters
Video Decoder Encoder
Audio Decoder Encoder
MP4 Splitter Muxer

3ivx Metro HLS Source
Add support for HTTP Live Streaming in your Windows 8 Metro Apps
The 3ivx Core
Information about the core MPEG-4 technologies in 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0
The 3ivx Filter Suite
MPEG-4 Audio, Video and MP4 File Format Filters for DirectShow and Video for Windows
3ivx for QuickTime
MPEG-4 Video for QuickTime on Mac OS and Windows
3ivx for Embedded Devices
MPEG-4 Video Decoding on the Intel XScale processor
Third Party Filters
AAC Parser
Playback AAC Files using this Parser and the 3ivx MPEG-4 Audio Decoder, or convert AAC Files into proper MP4 files in combination with the 3ivx Media Muxer.
Filter Configurator
Using Filter Configurator you can configure any Video for Windows (VfW) codec you have in GraphEdit.
Channel Downmixer
Mix down Multi-Channel Audio into 1 or 2 channels. Ideal as a pre-processing filter for the 3ivx MPEG-4 Audio Encoder.
Stream Shifter
In case you have an audio or video clip in which audio is not in sync with video, you can use this filter to shift one of the two streams.

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