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DivX Doctor II
AVI to MOV Convertor

DivX Doctor II updates DivX .avi videos to 3ivx QuickTime (.mov) videos. After the conversion you will be able to play the video smoothly, and the audio glitches inherent in the AVI format will be fixed. The conversion is fast.

Mac OS X

Mac OS 9

Platform: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 or greater
Version: 2.2
Required: QuickTime, Hard Disk space
Recommended: Mac OS X, 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0
Download Size: 356 KB
By downloading DivX Doctor II you acknowledge that you have read the License, understand the License and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. [Link to the Software License Agreement]

How does it work?

Drag your .avi file onto the DivX Doctor II application icon and click Start.

When DivX Doctor II has finished Doctoring the AVI you can open it in QuickTime and view it, providing you've installed the 3ivx MPEG-4 codec.

I Get Weird Errors

Generally when DivX Doctor II generates an error, there is a problem with the file. The most common cause is that there is a corruption in the file (e.g. Error -40) or that the file is incomplete (e.g. Error -39).

Corrupted files can be rebuilt (in certain cases) with DivX Tool 2. If the .avi file contains WMA Audio, you can use DivXWMAConvertor for converting the audio to MP3.

Licensing Information

For more information regarding commercial licensing, please visit this page or contact us directly.
I Just Get A White Screen

QuickTime does not have a codec installed to play your Movie.

Make sure you have the 3ivx MPEG-4 codec installed.

If that doesn't work most likely you have an MP41 or MP42 video. Decoders for these formats can be found here:

How Do I Play My Video With AC3 Audio?

DivX Doctor II includes rudimentary AC3 support. After doctoring each .avi file containing an AC3 Audio Track you will need to quit and re-open DivX Doctor II.

More information regarding converting an .ac3 file, can be found in the FAQ.

Problems downloading?

If you have problems downloading, try this package instead.
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DivX Doctor II
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DivX Doctor II comes bundled with certain Polaroid Digital Cameras

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