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Use HTTP Live Streaming on Windows 8

Easily deploy Apple-style HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) content in your Windows 8 Applications with the 3ivx HLS Source Adapter!


HLS, Windows 8 and The FutureiPad, iPhone, iPod

Media companies around the world have built infrastructure for Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming protocol to capture massive iOS audiences. It’s one of the most prevalent video formats on the internet today!

With the upcoming launch of Windows 8, the world is at the brink of the biggest shift-change in personal computing history. Windows 8 and Slate ImageWindows 8 is geared towards tablets and Microsoft is leveraging Windows PC penetration to win back mobile computing dominated by Apple’s iPad.

Windows 8 does not support HTTP Live Streaming meaning companies need to invest in new infrastructure or miss out on the audience.

Or, use a simple software solution provided by 3ivx, to adapt existing HLS to Windows 8.

Leverage existing HLS Back-end Infrastructure

3ivx’s adapter is a simple fix to a potentially very expensive problem. It allows you to develop Windows 8 apps and use your current HLS infrastructure to deliver video to iOS devices, as well as Windows 8 apps.

HLS system graphic

    • Simply add one line of code to your apps and it works.
    • No need to invest in new back-end infrastructure.
    • Lower CDN charges through expanding your current back-end solution.
    • Unify your supported streaming formats.


To find out how easy it is to use the 3ivx HLS Client SDK for Windows 8, please click here.

For further information about evaluation, distribution and licensing please contact us.


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