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3ivx DirectShow Media Splitter

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The 3ivx DirectShow Media Splitter splits MOV and MP4 files into their component audio and video streams. It supports QuickTime MOV header compression, MP3 and AAC audio, as well as multiple collocated audio and/or video tracks with Variable Frame Rates and Positive or Negative Offsets.

The 3ivx DirectShow Video Decoder must be registered for the Splitter to work.

3ivx D4 4.5 for Windows - DS Media Splitter Properties Configuration Options

Allow Unsupported Decoders
3ivx will not connect the video or audio pin to any decoder other than the 3ivx DirectShow Video Decoder and the 3ivx DirectShow Audio Decoder unless this checkbox is ticked. Unsupported Decoders currently include all muxers, audio and video decoders other than the 3ivx DirectShow Video Decoder, 3ivx DirectShow Audio Decoder and the 3ivx DirectShow Media Muxer.

Use Frame Accurate Seeking
If frame accurate seeking is enabled the splitter will seek to the exact frame requested, which could take a relatively long time depending on how far from a keyframe that frame is. This will result in sluggish scrubbing but audio/video playback will be able to start immediately once the seek has been made.

The alternative is fast seeking, which is very fast as the splitter seeks to convenient frames or keyframes only, providing a very fast scrubbing experience, since the seek was not frame-accurate the video/audio may take a few seconds to begin as the two catchup to each other.

Support > Windows > Decoding > DS Media Splitter Properties

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