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3ivx DirectShow Audio Decoder

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The 3ivx DirectShow Audio Decoder uses the 3ivx Audio Decoder Core to decode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC Audio. It supports Multi-Channel, Low Complexity and High Efficiency AAC Audio Profiles as well as the Long Term Prediction object type.

3ivx D4 4.5 for Windows - DS Audio Decoder Properties Configuration Options

Downmix Multi-Channel Audio
Mix down Multi-Channel Audio into 2 channels. Should be used if your computer can not corectly play Multi-Channel Aduio.

Audio Statistics
The Audio Statistics are updated during playback.

Audio Type
The Audio Type of the audio bitstream.

Main-AAC Main
LC-AAC Low Complexity
SSR-AAC Scalable Sample Rate
LTP-AAC Long Term Prediction
HE-AAC High Efficiency (aka SBR or aacPlus)

The number of Audio channels in the audio bitstream.

Sample rate
The sample rate of the audio bitstream.


Frames Decoded
The number of AAC Frames decoded by the Audio Decoder since it was instantiated.

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