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3ivx MPEG-4 5.0

The latest version of the 3ivx MPEG-4 Video Codec has been ported to the Linux architecture. The Decoder and Encoder Libraries are available for commercial licensing. Please contact us for business inquiries.

Note that version 5.0 of these Libraries are not freely available for download. For your convenience the old 3ivx D3.5 Video Codec binaries remain available to allow the playback of D3.5 encoded video on Linux.

3ivx D3.5 - Introduction

Two plug-in interfaces are supported on Unix/Linux Platforms:

The currently supported platforms for these two plug-ins are:

  • i686 Linux with Glibc 2.1;
  • i386 FreeBSD 4.2;
  • Sparc Solaris 8.

These packages are in binary form only and do not contain any source code.

Binary Plug-in Download

Please, pick the archive corresponding to your processor/OS and the package (OpenQuicktime or XAnim) you need:

The OpenQuicktime package already contains, on behalf of the 3ivx codec plugin, the full OpenQuicktime library, together with its tools, OQTPlayer, a simple player (using the SDL library, version 1.2), and OQTEncoder, a simple command-line encoder. The XAnim package already contains the xanim binary.

Installation Notes

After decompacting the archive with tar xzf 3ivx-xxx.tgz, read the included README and INSTALL files for more informations.


Put all the libraries *.so in your favorite library directory (/usr/local/lib if you are root, or $HOME/lib if you are not). You may need to add the name of the directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, and run a small utility called ldconfig.

Put all the binaries in your favorite binary directory (/usr/local/bin if you are root, $HOME/bin if you are not), and make sure this directory is in your $PATH environment variable.


Put the xanim binary in your favorite binary directory and make sure this directory is in your $PATH environment variable.

Put the vid_3ivX.xa in your favorite library directory and set the environment variable XANIM_MOD_DIR to this directory.


Sound is not supported in the XAnim plug-in.

OpenQuicktime is still in development stage. If you encounter a problem with OpenQuicktime, maybe you can check the OpenQuicktime page and grab a more recent binary release of the library and its tools.

If you have any problem installing the 3ivx plugin for OpenQuicktime or XAnim or if you'd like more Unixes platforms supported, please contact us or post a message in the forums!

Other Downloads

The XAnim and OpenQuicktime projects are open-source projects:

Download > Unix/Linux

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